The Baker & The Bard

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Hello friends!

Welcome to our tour for The Baker and the Bard! This cozy fantasy graphic is perfect for fans of the Netflix show Delicious in Dungeon, as well as the books Crumbs, Mooncakes, and Legend and Lattes!

The schedule for this title can be found on our side scroller until the tour has concluded, after which time it will be added below!

Book Info

The Baker and the Bard

by Fern Haught
Release Date: March 4, 2024
Publisher: Feiwel & Friends (Macmillan Children’s)
Genre: YA fantasy, adventure, graphic novel, slice-of-life

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Author-artist Fern Haught weaves an enchanting, gentle fantasy tale of friendship, determination, and respecting nature in their debut graphic novel.

Juniper and Hadley have a good thing going in Larkspur, spending their respective days apprenticing at a little bakery and performing at the local inn. But when a stranger places an unusual order at the bakery, the two friends (and Hadley’s pet snake, Fern) set out on a journey to forage the magical mushrooms needed to make the requested galette pastries.

Along the way, Juniper and Hadley stumble across a mystery too compelling to ignore: Something has been coming out of the woods at night and eating the local farmers’ crops, leaving behind a trail of glowing goo. Intent on finally going on an adventure that could fuel their bardic craft, Hadley tows Juniper into the woods to investigate.

What started as a simple errand to pick mushrooms soon turns into a thrilling quest to save some furry new friends―and their caretaker, a soft-spoken little fey named Thistle―who are in danger of losing their home.

About the Author

Fern Haught (they/them) is an illustrator and author currently based in Cleveland, OH. They love to tell stories about queer people set in fantasy worlds. Their picture books and graphic novels often incorporate magic and focus on characters and their relationships. 
image and bio courtesy of Fern Haught – About



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