Rules for Rule Breaking

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Hello friends!

Welcome to our tour for Rules for Rule Breaking! This book tells the story of a couple of high schoolers who, against their better judgement, decide to road trip across the country together to look at colleges. Perfect.

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Book Info

Rules for Rule Breaking

by Talia Tucker
Release Date: March 19, 2024
Publisher: Kokila Books (PenguinTeen)
Genre: YA contemporary, coming-of-age, college. rivals to friends

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Winter Park and Bobby Bae are Korean-American high school juniors whose families have been friends since the kids were making crayon art. They, however, are repulsed by each other.

Winter is MIT-bound, comfortable keeping people at arm’s length, and known by others as responsible, though she has a desire to let loose. This probably comes from her rebel grandmother, who is constantly pushing boundaries and encouraging Winter to do so as well. Winter’s best friend is moving abroad and won’t be attending college at all, and Winter’s wrestling with what it means to be left behind. Bobby is as Type-A, anxious, and risk-averse as you can get. He’s also been recently dumped, which has him feeling disoriented and untethered.

That’s why, when Winter’s and Bobby’s parents insist that they go on a northeast college campus tour together, both teens find reasons to accept even though the thought of being stuck in a car together for 700 miles sounds unbearable. What awaits them is a journey of self-discovery where the only rule on their road trip is to break all the rules. At first, this happens in hilariously calculated ways (using lists and reason and logic!), but they soon abandon that, challenging each other to dares in Virginia, getting high and wandering around Philly for food—and battling the subsequent digestive distress—and crashing a party in Cambridge. And, of course, realizing that they’re perfect together.

About the Author

Talia Tucker (she/her) is a young adult
author who has spent her life investigating
how identities shift and change between
geographies, time, and cultures. Her
Jamaican and Korean heritages inspire her
to build worlds highlighting multiracial,
queer, and neurodivergent characters of
color within narratives that emphasize joy,
something not typically centered in
marginalized stories. She enjoys writing
about messy women, soft boys, family, food,
and trying to navigate the world as a child of
multiple cultures.

Talia’s debut novel Rules for Rule Breaking is out March 2024 from Kokila, an
Imprint of Penguin Random House.
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