What We Expect From Our Hosts

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Host Expectations

  • Must have an active presence on Bookstagram, BookTok, and/or have a bookish blog.
  • You must be able to accept and read BOTH physical and digital copies
    • All hosts need to have Netgalley and Edelweiss+ accounts. Majority of publishers distribute digital copies via Netgalley, a few also use Edelweiss+.
  • When tour has physical review copies available, it will be noted on the signup form.
    • Most physical copies will be restricted to USA residents due to the ownership rights of the various publishers.
    • Having not received the physical copy of the book is NOT a valid reason to miss your stop/request a different date. In most cases, you will have been provided with a digital copy of the book to read. Failure to post due to not wanting to read the digital copy will result in a host strike.
  • On your scheduled day of the tour, your post must be available at or before the time given by your tour organizer. This information will be given in the confirmation email.
  • If for any reason you are unable to post on your scheduled day, please contact us as soon as possible (at the very latest) 48 hours before your post date. This gives us time to make adjustments to the schedule as needed.
  • Inform us if you have double booked a date with another tour or tour company, email us! We are more than happy to move things around so that everyone gets their time in the sun!
  • At the end of the tour, your organizer will send out a short form for you to fill out with your social media handle and a link to your post and reviews.

Reviewing a Title

  • Hosts are required to review the book they are being given for the tour unless otherwise noted. This review can be  on a blog post, in a TikTok video or Instagram post/reel. 
  • If for some reason you believe your review will fall below 3 stars, we ask that you hold your review until the tour has been completed and do not tag the author.
    • Please email us to let us know if this applies to you. Your tour organizer will inform you of alternate promotional posts/options that are available. In most cases, a spotlight/promotional post will be offered. 
    • If for some reason after reading the book, you wish to be removed completely from the tour, please email us.

Post Requirements

While post requirements can sometimes vary from title to title, for the most part, the following are required

  • We ask that the cover of the book be in full view in the creative photo you post. If you have a digital copy of the title, the cover will be provided to you so you can add it.
    • Please tag us! We want to see your creative minds at work!
  • Please include any other tags you are given from your organizer. This may include tagging the author, publisher, and specific hashtags. 
    • Again, if your post features a review below 3 stars, please DO NOT tag the author and HOLD YOUR POST until the tour is complete after notifying us.
For blog posts
  • A review is required for all posts 
    • If your review will be below 3 stars, reach out to your tour organizer immediately to see what other options are available to you.
  • The tour’s banner (this will be provided by your organizer)
  • Link on your blog back to the main schedule on our blog
  • Author info (bio, social media handles, etc.)
  • Book info (cover, synopsis, release date, etc.)
  • Purchase links (if provided)
 TikTok  TikTok 
  • Tag us! We want to see your posts!
  • Use any hashtags that are given. These help the post show up on searches and such!
  • Tag the author and/or publisher as applicable.
    • Again, if your post features a review below 3 stars, please DO NOT tag the author and HOLD YOUR POST until the tour is complete after notifying us.

What you can expect from us

  • Your tour organizer will be kind, friendly, and personable. Being mean is just bad karma, and no one needs that.
  • Your tour organizer will be available via email. Please refrain from DMing our Instagram account as messages can easily get lost. 
  • Your tour organizer will provide you will all the information you need for a successful post! This potentially includes:
    • Book covers/mockups
    • Author and publisher info
    • Synopsis for the book
    • Schedule that shows what date you are expected to post
    • Giveaway information (if applicable)
    • Any other needed materials

Something’s Wrong….

We try to be as accommodating and helpful as possible, sometimes unpleasant things still happen.

  • If you do not post your tour stop within 48 hours of your scheduled date, you will receive one strike. This does compound for each missing post, even if they were for the same tour.
  • Failure to fill out the wrap up form after the tour by the deadline given by your tour organizer, you will receive one strike.
  • We follow a “three strike, you’re out” policy here at TTPT, so having one strike, or even two does not bar you from signing up and/or participating in our tours. However, having strikes does make us take a second look before selecting you for future titles. 
    • If you are receiving a strike, you will get an email from us. This email will be sent after the tour’s conclusion and after the final form is sent. 
    • Unfortunately, if you do receive 3 strikes, you will be immediately banned and removed from our tour host pool.


Sound like a plan? Sign up to be a host with us, we’d love to have you!