Sasha Peyton Smith Interview

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Stacia, one of the organizers here at TTPT, had the opportunity to conduct a virtual interview with Sasha, read below to see what they talked about (and to see what T. Swift songs are Sasha’s faves)!

TTPT: Thanks for taking the time to chat with me! I’m quite excited to see what sort of fun Frances gets up to in this book, so let’s get right into it! Turn the Page Tours: The Witch Haven duo follows a reluctant witch…she doesn’t believe in her magic at first. Do you have any personal experience with not believing in yourself? How did you overcome it?

Sasha Peyton Smith: I think becoming a professional writer is a constant exercise in self-doubt. The ability to edit hinges on the ability to look at your work critically, but it’s difficult to keep that inner critic productive and not something cruel that causes you to spiral completely. When I can feel myself spiraling, I find it helpful to reach out to friends. I’ll sometimes ask them to read what I’m working on and tell me what IS working. It’s also necessary to know when to take a step back, remind myself that everyone feels this way sometimes, buy myself a fun little beverage, and go on a walk. Highly recommend a fun little beverage walk!

TTPT: If you could describe The Witch Hunt in just one word, what would it be?

SPS: Consequences.

TTPT: What’s one of your favorite interests, besides writing, of course!

SPS: I’m a classically trained ballerina and I still try to find time to take classes! I love the rules of ballet. It’s the closest I’ve ever been able to come to meditation.

TTPT: I hear you’re a Taylor Swift fan…what are your top three songs from her? (If you’re wondering, mine are “false god”, “exile”, and “no body, no crime”).

SPS: Always love a Taylor Swift question! Yours are excellent choices! I’m a very weepy Pisces [so is your interviewer!] so it’s probably not shocking that mine are “All Too Well” (10 min version…obviously), “Champagne Problems” and “Daylight” (which was the first dance song at my wedding!)

TTPT: Where can readers go to keep up with your upcoming adventures?

SPS: Come hang out with me over on TikTok (@sashapsmith) and Instagram (@sashapeytonsmith) I’ll post about what I’m up to, writing, and pictures of my friends’ dogs!  


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