• Quality of Service Testimonial by Denise Daye

    “I absolutely loved my tour with Turn The Page Tours. Stephanie was incredible. She went above and beyond to spread the word of my book The Night Queen. Her hard work gave it a great boost on the day it was published and put it in the hands of some very influential bookstagrammers. She will be my first contact for tours from now on… Thank you for everything you have done for me!” 

    – Denise Daye, author of The Night Queen

  • Quality of Service Testimonial from author Heleen Davies

    I loved to work with Stacia [of TTPT], she was quick to answer all the questions that I had and I met wonderful book bloggers thanks to her. I’d love to work with her again for my next book, The Bone Thief’s Curse, and I’d recommend TTPT to friends and fellow authors any time. Thanks for the opportunity to work with you!

    Heleen Davies, author of The Bones Thief’s Tale

    Stacia, the organizer she worked with, absolutely loves getting eyes on good books, and especially Independently published author! This tour was a lot of fun!

  • Quality of Service Testimonial from author Allyson Dahlin

    “Turn the Page Tours made reviews of my book visible at the most important point in my launch timeline! The bloggers that participate make really fun and unique content that shows excitement for the books they read. Stacia couldn’t be a bigger champion for CAKE EATER; she is an amazing reader to have on your side!”

    – Allyson Dahlin, author of Cake Eater

    We loved working with Allyson on her debut as well! Stacia (the organizer she worked with) is a huge history nerd and lover of the sci-fi Netflix series Black Mirror, and this book was the perfect way for her to meld those two passions! Cake Eater is now available in stores and online everywhere, so please grab a copy to read this fun, futuristic look at the life, lies, and downfall of Marie Antoinette & Louis XVI.

  • Quality of Service Testimonial from author Lish McBride

    “I had a great time working with Turn the Page Tours. They were very well organized, were always happy to answer all of my questions, and delivered on all of the promises they made. I would happily work with them again!”

    – Lish McBride, author of A Little Too Familiar

    Stacia, the organizer who worked with Lish on this title, is a fan of romcoms…and a little bit of drama. A Little Too Familiar features magic, shifters, a fair bit of spice and a found family full of heart. You can purchase your own copy on Amazon to see what sort of fun befalls Lish’s characters!