Paper Dragons

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Hello friends!

Welcome to our tour for Paper Dragons! This is a middle grade novel which means its shorter than other books, is written with younger readers in mind, and is easier for littles (such as 3rd to 6th graders) to grasp. Its a perfect book for readers of all ages!

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Book Info

Paper Dragons

by Siobhan McDermott
Release Date: March 5, 2024
Publisher: Delacorte Press (PRH)
Genre: MG fantasy, Asian fable/mythology, adventure

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Let the competition begin!

An outsider in her village above the cloud sea, 12-year-old orphan Yeung Zhi Ging’s only hope of escape is to win the single invitation to train as an apprentice to the immortals. After her ill-fated attempt to impress the Silhouette scout leads to a dragon attack on the jade mountain, Zhi Ging is sure that her chances, and her life, are over. But the scout spots her potential and offers her protection and a second chance. She’s in.

In her lessons in Hok Woh, the underwater realm of the immortals, Zhi Ging must face the challenging trials set by her teachers to prove that she’s worthy of being a Silhouette—despite her rivals’ attempts to sabotage her. But as Zhi Ging’s power grows, so do the rumours of the return of the Fui Gwai, an evil spirit that turns people into grey-eyed thralls.

When the impossible happens and the Fui Gwai attack the Silhouettes, can Zhi Ging use her newly uncovered talents to save her friends and the world beyond? Or will the grey-eyed spirit consume them all?

About the Author

Siobhan McDermott was born in Hong Kong and grew up on a steady stream of stories filled with Chinese legends and Irish folklore from her Chinese mom and Irish dad. She now lives in the UK and continues to order dim sum in Cantonese tinged with a distinctly Dublin lilt.

She worked in publishing for six years, during which she took part in every event imaginable: from a ‘yoga with your dog’ session in a bookshop to running around Isle of Man in a full unicorn onesie. She is now the PR Lead at BBC Maestro. Paper Dragons is her debut novel and was inspired by moments across her life: from childhood ferry trips between Lantau Island and Hong Kong, to traveling around Taiwan, Italy and Spain.
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