And Don’t Look Back

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Hello friends!

Welcome to our tour for this upcomong thriller! This title is perfect for fans of Gone Girl, All the Girls I’ve Been, and other media that feature multiple aliases.

The schedule for this tour can be found on our homepage until the tour has concluded after which it will be added below.

Book Info

And Don’t Look Back

by Rebecca Barrow
Release Date: October 3, 2023
Publisher: Margaret K. McElderry Books (Simon & Schuster)
Genre: YA Contemporary, mystery, thriller, horror

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After her mother’s death, a teen pieces together the truth of her family’s past and what her mom was hiding from in this thriller that’s perfect for fans of Courtney Summers and Tiffany D. Jackson.

Harlow Ford has spent her entire life running, caught in her mother’s wake as they flit from town to town, hiding from a presence that Harlow isn’t even sure is real. In each new place, Harlow takes on a new name and personality, and each time they run, she leaves another piece of herself behind.

When Harlow and her mom set off on yet another 3 a.m. escape, they are involved in a car accident that leaves Harlow’s mother fatally wounded. Before she dies, she tells Harlow two things: where to find the key to a safety deposit box and to never stop running. In the box, Harlow finds thirty grand in cash, life insurance documents, and several fake IDs for both herself and her mom—an on-the-run essentials kit. But Harlow also finds a photograph of her mom as a teenager with two other girls, the deed to a house in a town she’s never heard of, and a handful of newspaper clippings discussing the disappearance of a woman named Eve Kennedy, Harlow’s grandmother…relics of a part of Harlow’s life she never knew existed.

With these tantalizing clues about her mother’s secrets and the power to choose her own future for the first time, Harlow realizes she has two choices: keep fleeing her mom’s ghosts or face down the nebulous threat that’s been hanging over her for her entire life.

About the Author

Rebecca Barrow is the critically acclaimed author of Bad Things Happen Here, This Is What It Feels Like, and several others. She is a lover of sunshine, Old Hollywood icons, and all things high femme.  She lives and writes in England.

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