A Prayer for Vengeance

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Hello friends!

Welcome to our tour for A Prayer for Vengeance, a contemporary YA novel with Greek mythology inspo and an amazing badass female lead…!

The schedule for this tour can be found on our home page until the conclusion of the tour at which point it’ll be added below.

Book Info

A Prayer for Vengeance

by Leanne Schwartz
Release Date: September 19, 2023
Publisher: Page Street Kids
Genre: YA Contemporary, mythology, autism rep

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An orphan out to find the truth within a warped religion turns his poetry into prayer—a prayer that awakens a cursed girl hungry for revenge.

Centuries after a miracle vanquished Tresttato’s monsters and turned the soldiers fighting them to stone, Milo lovingly tends to the statues of those who protected the city. Raised with devout templars and scholars, autistic temple ward Milo wants nothing more than to be accepted into their ranks. When his prayers admiring her heroic sacrifice accidentally free Gia from stone, she wakes with a fury to kill the man Milo owes his life to, Primo Sanct Ennio.

Gia claims that the immortal holy leader Milo lives to serve is the same man who betrayed her and transformed her into a statue–and what Milo always believed was a miracle was actually a curse that Gia will stop at nothing to break.

Even if she has to kill his followers to do it.

Even if she must kill the boy who woke her.

About the Author

Leanne Schwartz grew up in Davis, California, reading piles of books and acting in local theater productions. In high school she cemented her status as a massive nerd, running a local theater company, attending the California State Summer School for the Arts for creative writing, and taking three literature classes senior year. She has played Lady Macbeth, Lady Capulet, Clytemnestra, and Hera—perhaps one reason she writes such vengeful, murderous girls. Leanne completed her English degree and master’s in education at UC Davis. When she’s not teaching English and poetry, she can be found baking pizzelle, directing scenes for the student Shakespeare festival, and singing along to showtunes. She lives in San Diego with her family.

image and bio courtesy of https://leanneschwartz.com

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