The Eternal Ones

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Hello friends!

Welcome to our tour for The Eternal Ones (The Gilded Ones #3)! As you can guess from the title this is the third entry in this trio of powerful, character-driven novels from Namina Forna.

This book, just like its predecessors, deals with topics if war, violence, and vengeful gods and goddesses.

The schedule for this title can be found on our side scroller until the tour has concluded, after which time it will be added below!

Book Info

The Eternal Ones (The Gilded Ones #3)

by Namina Forna
Release Date: February 13, 2024
Publisher: Delacorte Press (PRH)
Genre: YA scifi/fantasy

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The dazzling finale to the groundbreaking, New York Times bestselling Gilded Ones series. One girl holds the power to defeat the gods—but can she become one?

Mere weeks after confronting the Gilded Ones—the false beings she once believed to be her family—Deka is on the hunt. In order to kill the gods, whose ravenous competition for power is bleeding Otera dry, she must uncover the source of her divinity. 

But with her mortal body on the verge of ruin, Deka is running out of time—to save herself and an empire that’s tearing itself apart at its seams.
When Deka’s search leads her and her friends to the edge of the world as they know it, they discover an astonishing new realm, one which holds the key to Deka’s past. Yet it also illuminates a devastating decision she must soon make…

Choose to be reborn as a god, losing everyone she loves in the process. Or bring about the end of the world.

About the Author

Namina Forna is a young adult novelist  and the author of the New York Times bestselling fantasy YA series The Gilded Ones. Originally from Sierra Leone, West Africa, she moved to the US when she was nine and has been traveling back and forth ever since. 

Namina’s books have been translated into 25+ languages, nominated for several awards, and optioned for film and TV.  Namina herself is an accomplished public speaker, especially on the topics of feminism, storytelling and challenging dominant narratives.
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