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Lucien & I book cover

Hello friends! Welcome to our Lucien and I tour! We’re thrilled to have the opportunity to help boost and support this book, and we hope you’ll join us along the way. If you haven’t already, make sure you pick up a copy for yourself, and don’t forget to follow all of our wonderful hosts–that way you won’t miss a stop!
This is an adult romance title, so there may be sexual content as well as other adult themes.

Book Info

Lucien and I

by Sasha Clinton
Release Date: September 26, 2022
Publisher: Self-published
Genre: Adult romance, Medical romance

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Mira Krishnan is a cardiothoracic surgery fellow whose three big goals in life are:

  1. Achieve superstardom in the field of heart surgery
  2. Crush Lucien Stone by showing him that she’s the superior heart surgeon.
  3. Fall in love with someone who is NOT Lucien Stone so she can erase her 19-year-long crush on him.

Lucien and Mira have been rivals since high school, and she’d like nothing more than to wipe that smug, overconfident smirk off his devastatingly handsome face.

But when their rivalry goes too far and they’re caught in the middle of a fight by the program director, Mira’s life changes. To avoid being expelled from the fellowship for failing to conduct themselves in an appropriate, collegiate manner, Lucien and Mira are forced to lie about dating each other so they can dismiss their behavior as extreme flirting. But going on fake dates, vacations, and spending time together makes them realize that underneath all the jibes and rivalry, there’s potential for something more…and perhaps, instead of looking into other people’s hearts, they need to look into their own. 

Author Interview

One of our organizers here at Turn the Page HQ had the chance to conduct a virtual interview with Ms. Clinton! Keep reading to see what they talked about.

TTPT: So, is Lucien & I  your first book you’ve written?
SC: It’s actually my fifth book. I’ve written three books as part of my NYC Singles series which are also contemporary romances. Lucien and I is the second book in the Henry and Me series, but it can be easily read as a standalone.

TTPT: Nice! I’ve noticed that Lucien is a medical romance, do you have any sort of medical background that you drew on to help with this book?
SC: Not at all. But I did research on cardio thoracic surgery and the life of surgeons before writing this book. I hope the details are accurate!

TTPT: What was a favorite scene for you to write?
SC: [SPOILER WARNING] My favorite scene is the scene where Lucien takes care of Mira during vacation when she gets sick.
But the easiest scenes to write were actually the steamy scenes. I don’t know why, but they flowed very easily in this book, which is not normal for me. From early reviews, I think a lot of readers have liked them, too. 

TTPT: Speaking of favorites, do you have a favorite food? (Your organizer is partial to a good bar of chocolate, spaghetti, and a good pickle.)
SC: I love anything that’s salty and spicy, whether that’s chips, fried appetizers, or even proper food. I also love chocolates of all kinds (just like you.)

TTPT: One reads online about different rituals that authors have when they write. What about you, do you listen to music or anything? Do you have a favorite artist?
SC: I do! While writing Lucien and I, I listened to a lot of Taylor Swift and Lana Del Rey. Some of my  favorites that I listened to on repeat were “Brooklyn Baby”, “Money, Power, Glory”, and “Young and Beautiful” by Lana Del Rey and “All Too Well”, “Blank Space”, “The Lucky One”, and “Wildest Dreams” by Taylor Swift.

TTPT: Those are some good picks! I like “Young and Beautiful” as well. Last question (sadly): Where can readers go to keep up with your writing and future things you have in the works?
SC:  I’m on Facebook (where you can also join my ARC Street Team), Instagram (I’m most active there), and Goodreads. I’m also planning to create an account on Tiktok soon so keep an eye out for me there.

We here at TTPT are very thankful that Sasha was able to take time to talk with us and answer a couple questions!

About the Author

Sasha Clinton is an author of funny, addictive contemporary romances and romantic comedies. Her heroines are smart and sassy and her heroes are strong yet sensitive. When not writing, she can be found reading, watching k-dramas, and eating chocolate. To purchase her books, please visit her Amazon profile!



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