Keepers of the Stones and Stars

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Hello friends!

Welcome to our tour for Keepers of the Stones and Stars! This fun novel starts a cast of characters that you’re sure to adore and root for!

The schedule for this title can be found on our side scroller until the tour has concluded, after which time it will be added below!

Book Info

Keepers of the Stones and Stars

by Michael Barakiva
Release Date: May 21, 2024
Publisher: Macmillan Children’s
Genre: YA scifi/fantasy, LGBTQ+

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Save the world.
Get the guy.

Reed is leading his best he’s just kissed the boy of his dreams, his band is starting to get actual paying gigs, and he’s a shoo-in to getting elected as next year’s Student Council president. But he’s ready to give it all up when his suspiciously aristocratic guidance counselor tells him he has been chosen to go on the adventure of a lifetime.

Because Reed is the first of five Stone Bearers who have been chosen by magical gems and granted super powers. All he has to do is unite all five and lead them to seal a portal that will release an onslaught of uncontrollable chaotic magical energies, and destroy the world as we know it. It’s up to the Ruby, Sapphire, Topaz, Emerald, and Amethyst Bearers to save the world, fulfilling their roles in a centuries-old cycle that dates back to the 17th century Mughal court and the first Bearers of the Stones.

About the Author

Michael Barakiva (shown on right) is an Armenian-Israeli American theater director and writer who lives in the Hell’s Kitchen neighborhood of Manhattan with his husband, Rafael. He was born in Haifa, Israel and grew up in the suburbs of Central New Jersey, which were much scarier. He attended Vassar College, where he double majored in Drama and English, after which he attended the Juilliard School’s Drama Division as an Andrew W. Mellon Fellow in Directing. He has been living in New York City since.

He is the Founding Artistic Director of the Upstart Creatures. a theatre company that creates community through theatre, food, and social justice.



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