Her Own Happiness

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Welcome to our tour for Her Own Happiness! This is an adult romance, so expect themes of sexual content, alcohol consumption, and other associated topics.

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Book Info

Her Own Happiness

by Eden Appiah-Kubi
Release Date: September 5, 2023
Publisher: self-published
Genre: adult romance, coming-of-age, multiromantic

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It’s never too late to come of age in this compassionate and refreshing novel about friendship, self-discovery, and moving on by the author of The Bennet Women.

Maya Davis is living in paradise until her apartment, her career, and her dreams fall away in a horrible and dramatic fashion. Suddenly she’s packing her life into two suitcases and heading back to her parents’ home in Maryland, scrambling for a plan B. Happy thirty-first birthday, Maya.
Right beside her is Ant, Maya’s best friend. While she’s returning home, Ant’s leaving his for the first time. Even though he moved away to start his own adventure, Ant can’t seem to separate himself from Maya—and he’s not sure he wants to. Thinking practically for once, Maya makes her top priority finding a career—or at least a job with health insurance. But when she’s drawn into the orbit of Emme Vivant, the influential girlboss decides Maya has potential. Suddenly there are new contacts, new clothes, and the possibility of a shiny new future that could make this move home worthwhile. But is Maya finally in control of her life, or is she losing it? 
Just as Ant’s platonic feelings for Maya deepen, his best friend in the world seems to be moving on without him.
In this tender and vibrant novel, Maya learns that finding the right path might not matter as much as finding herself—and who’s beside her on the journey.

About the Author

Eden Appiah-Kubi, author of The Bennet Women, has been putting her spin on classic stories since third grade. She was born in Washington, DC, and raised in the Maryland suburbs, where she still lives with her husband and hilarious daughter.

image and bio courtesy of https://edenawrites.com/about-me

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