Forever Bound

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Hello friends!

Welcome to our tour for Forever Bound! This sweet contemporary romance is sure to steal your heart and leave you swooning..! The schedule for this tour can be found on our home page…hosts are loving it, and we’re sure you will too!

Book Info

Forever Bound

by Jessica Dall
Release Date: January 16, 2023
Publisher: Entangled — Amara
Genre: adult, contemporary romance

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Set among the rolling green Irish hills, Kelkerry Castle is something out of a dreamy fairy tale. For hotelier Bridget Marshall, however, it’s a dream come true…once she’s sorted out the mold, lead paint, and ancient plumbing. And she’ll prove to everyone in the nearby village of Shansally (pop. 119) that she’s not just another silly, dreamy-eyed American—including her curt (if utterly gorgeous) new neighbor, Liam O’Flannagain.

Only, this breathtaking castle has far more secrets than expensive repairs. While someone—or something—here desperately wants Bridget to give up and walk away, there’s another force tugging Bridget to stay. Because whenever she’s with Liam, the ancient past seems to come to life again, sweeping them along in a story they’re apparently destined to relive.

Now, Liam and Bridget are caught up in a long-ago tale filled with love, danger, and betrayal. The past seems to be working its magic on both of them, pulling them into a love story they’re helpless to resist. And they’ll have to uncover the truth of what happened all those centuries ago before history—and tragedy—repeats itself.

About the Author

Jessica finished her first novel at the age of 15 and she hasn’t stopped writing ever
since. In the past few years she has published over 21 short stories, novellas, and full length novels.

While in college, Jessica worked as an intern at a small press, quickly rising through the ranks to Acquisitions Editor, where she remained until they unfortunately shut their doors in 2011. Since that time, she has kept her editing skills sharp, spending three years as a freelance editor.

In 2012, Jessica also added Creative Writing Teacher to her list of literary careers, joining the teaching staff of Writopia Lab in Washington, DC, helping children and teens better their writing and start literary careers of their own. For more info about Jessica, visit her website at


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